“Nanga parbat” Nanga means “Naked” & parbat means high mountain. The original name of Nanga parbat is “ Damir” It means the king of mountain’s. The great Himalayas Nanga parbat has three facses, Diamir face, Riakot face, & the Rupal face. The Rupal face is known as the highest  Rock & Ice wall in the world. The North face slops down an incredible 7,000mtr down to Indus has lead to the formation of It’s own highly  unpredictable micro – climate weather condition change rapidly & avalanches are violent. Many mountaineers perished since 1895. It was unclimbed until 1953, Less then five weeks after conquest of Everest,  Anchoring the western of the Nanga Parbat  was first climbed in 1953 by Herman Buhl . here his seen from fairy meadows , one of the most Enchant trek in the world. The view from Indus valley along the karakoram highway that usually seen by visitors. Nanga parbat also called the killer mountain.


Itinerary:                                                                                                        Best period: June/July/August.

Length of trip: 45 to 50 Days.

Day 01 to 03 Arrival at Islamabad meetings with Alpine club of Pakistan & complete the government


Day 04 to 05 Drive to Chilas via Taxla, visit museum, Batagram, Besham, Dassu, to Chilas.

Day 06 to 08 Drive to Buner dass & trek to Base camp.

Day 09 to 40 Climbing days.

Day 41 to 50 Return to Islamabad, fly to distention.