Day 1:Arrival to islamabad.Transfered to hotel.Briefing in ACP+sight seeing of isb and

Rawalpindi.                                                     (Hotel)

Day 2:Fly to skardu OR drive to chilas.(11 TO 12 HOURS)                       (Hotel)

Day 3:Chilas to skd.(12 TO 13 HOURS)                                      (Hotel)

Day 4:Skd to askoli.(6 TO 7 HOURS)                                        (Camp)

Day 5:Askoli to jhola.(5 TO 6 HOURS)                                       (Camp)

Day 6:Jhola to payu.(7 TO 8 HOURS)                                       (Camp)

Day 7:Rest day in payu.(HIKING AROUND)                                  (Camp)

Day 8:Payu to urdukas.(9 TO 10 HOURS)                                   (Camp)

Day 9:Urdukas to goro 2.(6 TO 7 HOURS)                                   (Camp)

Day 10:Goro 2 to shama.(6 TO 7 HOURS)                                   (Camp)

Day 11:Shama to base camp.(5 TO 6 HOURS)                                (Camp)

(25 days for climbing)

Day 37:Base camp to ali camp.(8 TO 10 HOURS)                                    (Camp)

Day 38:Ali camp to khispang via ghandoghoro pass.(7 TO 9 HOURS)                    (Camp)

Day 39:Khispang to siacho.(7 TO 8 HOURS)                                        (Camp)

Day 40:Siacho to skd.(8 TO 9 HOURS)                                            (Hotel)

Day 41:Skd to isb OR drive to chilas.(12 TO 13 HOURS)                               (Hotel)

Day 42:Chilas to isb.(12 TO 13 HOURS)                                            (Hotel)

Day 43:Debriefing in ACP.                                                      (Hotel)

Day 44:Fly to destination.(END OF SERVICES)